Cynthia Wellbrock shares the latest Colorado Employment Law Updates.

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Colorado Employment Law Update 2021 – On Demand Webinar

  • DID YOU KNOW Colorado recently passed several new laws affecting how businesses must now equally compensate their employees?
  • DID YOU KNOW there is a new law requiring Colorado employers to give 48 hours per year in paid sick leave?
  • DID YOU KNOW there is a new law concerning overtime and minimum wage rules?
  • DID YOU KNOW there is a new law prohibiting retaliation against an employee who complains about an unsafe workplace because of COVID-19?
  • DID YOU KNOW failure to comply with these laws could cost your business thousands in expensive lawsuits?


At this on-demand webinar you will learn about:

  • The Equal Pay for Equal Work Act
  • The Healthy Families Workplace Act
  • Colorado Overtime and Minimum Standards (COMPS)
  • Public Health Emergency Whistleblower (PHEW) Law

You will learn how to:

  • Comply with the complicated rules aimed to eliminate pay disparities affecting women and minorities such as wage history inquiries, job posting requirements and how to perform mandatory job audits and more.
  • Comply with providing employees 48 hours per year of paid sick leave and the specific accrual and carry over formulas.
  • Comply with the new rules concerning Overtime and Minimum Pay standards.
  • Properly respond to employees who voice concern over workplace conditions related to Covid.
  • NEW LAW – Prohibiting Use-it-or-lose Vacation Policies

Employers can’t afford to not know the ins and outs of these new, and often complicated, statutes.  You will leave armed with all the information you need to comply with these new laws and avoid costly lawsuits.

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Colorado Employment Law Update 2021

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